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Urban Legend Series


Plot driven, page-turning excitement you can read in one sitting.
Ghost Forest

The tabloid, Urban Legend receives a formal invitation to cover the excavation of a Spanish Treasure Galleon. But when Ace reporter Billy Sloan arrives at the site of the dig all she finds is murder, mystery, and a chance to lose her life.

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Dream Master

Billy Sloan works for the tabloid Urban Legend, as a reporter. She's a skeptic investigating the strange and unexplained . When an assignment leads her to a group of women who's dreams are being invaded by a rapist she quickly becomes a believer in the unexplained, now all she needs to do is not become the next victim of the Dream Master.

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The Haunting of Langdon Hall

The haunting of Langdon Hall is the chilling tale of reporter Billy Sloan who is assigned to write a story on the cursed mansion. But her visit to the supposedly dormant haunted mansion unleashes malevolent spirits and uncovers horrifying secrets of the generations who have lived and died there. Now she must fight to escape with her sanity because she knows too much and the spirits don’t want her to leave…ever.

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Ghost Detective Series
The Nursery Rhyme Murders

Ghost Detectives George and Marion are confronted with a series of murders where the clues left by the killer are in nursery rhymes. Once again they find themselves solving crimes in a world they thought they left behind. But this time, they make the supreme sacrifice for their boss and discover that it brings the case to an unexpected conclusion, one no-one expected.

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The Case of the Stolen Infants

George and Marion are veteran detectives, partners for ten years. But when a bust goes bad they’re killed. George from a shotgun blast, Marion a knife to the back. Filled with shock they watch as their bodies are bagged and taken away.  They're dead, but not gone from this mortal coil. Now they must stop the black market sale of babies and find their way among the mortals and perhaps a way home-where- ever that is


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A Wolf in Priest's Clothing

Seemingly alone George and Marion have a thousand questions about their new world, together they venture to a hilltop to look down on their funeral. When they exchange impressions their conversation is overheard by a homeless man. How can that be? They soon learn from a fortune teller, that they’ve left this mortal coil but not the world they lived in. They’re Ghosts.

When they visit the police station they called home away from home for over a decade they’re greeted by the police chief who like the fortune teller can see and hear them and he needs their special help on a case. 

With a homeless man, a fortune teller, and their old boss they’re tackling cases in the world they thought they left behind only now they’re Ghost Detectives.

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Pool of Tears

After a seemingly miraculous recovery from a coma and certain death, former police detective Sally Edwards is pulled off life support only to suffer a stroke leaving her a quadriplegic. Yet somewhere between death’s door and the debilitating stroke her spirit is freed from the attachment to her body. Her spirit now moves freely between officer Edwards, and whenever she releases it to do her bidding in the world of mortals. Her partner, Layton Roland, moves her and a private nurse into an old ski lodge and all seems to be as it should.


When Roland pushes through the teeth of a snowstorm in pursuit of Pool of Tears murderer, Bobby Jack, the battle between good and evil ends with the lodge burning to the ground police Captain Dennis Walters dead, Officer Edwards back in the hospital in a coma, and Bobby Jack still on the lose.

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Death in the Shadows

Detective Sally Edwards has a new home and her partner, Layton Roland, is awaiting a new partner of the mortal kind. But when the homeless start turning up dead police chief, Loyd Thaxton, calls on Edwards to once again team up with her old partner Layton Roland to find the killer. Together they discover Pool of Tears murderer Bobby Jack.

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