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"M" Mystery Series


Private investigator M’s quiet, seaside home in Dungeness Bay, Oregon, is rocked by a series of murders. The only clue is written on a wall in Japanese, traced in blood―M’s blood. She doesn’t have to go far to find the killer … because he is coming after her.


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Project Deepwater

When the grandfather of one of "M's" karate student's vanishes she takes the case. But when she travels to San Francisco to unravel the clues and discovers thousands of barrels of radioactive waste less than 30 miles from the Golden Gate, she knows to much for her own good. Now the government wants to silence her at any cost.


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White Slave Treasure

Shanghaied In 1927 and a small Oregon town pays ten thousand dollars for twenty-four woman-then change their mind. Now 70 years later two of the women have survived but only one knows what happened to the money. Now she has been arrested for a double homicide and it's up to "M" to prove her innocence and find the money.


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