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When Rye and Claire are called to remove a body from a remote cliff face, they are drawn into a family quest fueled by hate and deceit that has festered for over eighty years.

Now, faced with serial killings that threaten their small town and put Rye in the hospital with a gunshot wound, it is up to Claire to discover the family secret, reveal the killer, and not become the next victim. Sins of the Father is an action thriller that will keep you reading late into the night.

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Private investigator M’s quiet, seaside home in Dungeness Bay, Oregon, is rocked by a series of murders. The only clue is written on a wall in Japanese, traced in blood―M’s blood. She doesn’t have to go far to find the killer … because he is coming after her.

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EMTs  RYE and Claire Anderson respond to a motorcycle down on Oregon's Interstate 5 but they are unable to keep the rider alive. When the body disappears on the way to the morgue, Claire is held responsible. Now they must discover who took the body and why or lose their license.

At the site of an accident, a girl asks Rye for help and then vanishes. The clue she leaves behind leads him to Los Angeles and the darkest side of the entertainment industry. The connection he finds that links the missing body and the girl reveals a monstrous business—one that is taking the very lives of the innocent. Body Parts i

is both a fast-paced thriller and a cautionary tale.

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