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Stand Alone Novels

Time Ripper

A Staggering Discovery

Successful psychotherapist, Theodore Bond, discovers that two of his patients are appearing in each others night terrors yet they’ve never met. Through past life regression, the detail of their nightmares reveal the connection.


A Terrifying Revelation

When Bond discovers that their grandparents were acquainted: one a murderer, one a victim he probes deeper and discovers a secret past.


A Fight for Survival

Now with the clock ticking, Bond must resolve the nightmares before the past slides into the present and he and his clients are consumed by a terrifying entity. 


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Cutter's Legacy:
The Search for Yamashita's Gold

Stevie Cutter’s father vanished on a flight over the South Pacific when she was thirteen. Now thirty years later, when she visits her dying mother in San Francisco she is given her father’s diary and plunged into a dangerous chain of events that will change her life forever.

In the back of the diary is a hidden message with a clue to her father’s fate, and a treasure map. But someone else is hunting for the treasure too and in their pursuit, threaten to destroy all that she loves.


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