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Urban Legend - Billie Sloan Investigates

Ghost Forest

The tabloid, Urban Legend receives an invitation to cover the excavation of a Spanish Treasure Galleon. But when Ace reporter Billy Sloan arrives at the site of the dig all she finds is murder, mystery, and a chance to lose her life.


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Dream Master

Billy Sloan works for the tabloid Urban Legend as a reporter, she's a skeptic investigating the strange and unexplained. When an assignment leads her to a group of women who's dreams are being invaded by a rapist she quickly becomes a believer in the unexplained, now all she needs to do is not become the next victim of the Dream Master.


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The Haunting of Langdon Hall

The haunting of Langdon Hall is the chilling tale of reporter Billy Sloan who is assigned to write a story on the cursed mansion. But her visit to the supposedly dormant haunted mansion unleashes malevolent spirits and uncovers horrifying secrets of the generations who have lived and died there. Now she must fight to escape with her sanity because she knows to much and the spirits don’t want her to leave…ever.

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