The Best of Kit's Myths and Mysteries

 Collections of the 20 best
Kit's Myths and Mysteries Podcasts.
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Volume 1

The best of Kit's Myths and Mysteries, 20 stories filled with startling stranger-than fiction facts. 

1. The mummy. 2. Amelia Earhart. 3. Jack the Ripper. 4. Leprechauns. 5. Two Creatures. 6.The Ghost Ship Jenny. 7. The Job you'd never want. 8. Lake Superior's ghost ship. 9. The Anti Santa. 10. Native Americans ended WW II early. 11. The Female Pope.   

12. The Pope's curse. 13. Oregon's Wolf Boy. 14. Oregon's Mermaid. 15. Hitler's lake. 16. Japan's haunted Schoolhouse. 17. Cross Hollow. 18. Shaniko. 19. Scotlan'd haunted lighthouse. 20. The Haunted Military base.

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Volume 2

The Best of Kit's Myths and Mysteries, 20 stories filled with startling stranger-than-fiction facts. 

1. Past Life Regression. 2. Fringe Science. 3. Lochness Monster. 4. Bermuda triangle. 5. Out of body experience. 6. Ship wrecks and buried treasure. 7. The Ouija board Murders. 8. Elongated skulls. 9. Two creatures that should not exist. 10. Jack the Ripper's Left hand. 11. Two phantom ships. 12. Something's a foot. 13. Nellie Bly. 14. John Wilkes Booth. 15. A real Ghost story. 16. True Hollywood mystery.17 Invisibility.18. Australia's Saucer Nest. 19. Land's End. 20. The Mole People.

Supernatural Mysteries and Adventure Fiction

Urban Legend Series

Billy Sloan writes for the tabloid Urban Legend. She’s a journalist hired to write about the supernatural. But she’s really a skeptic investigating the strange and unexplained. Join Billy, smart but never stylish, as she unveils fringe science from reanimation to dimensions, time travel to ghosts, beware, sometimes she gets carried away, literally.

Ghost Detective Series

Meet George and Marion, veteran detectives in Portland, Oregon. When a bust goes bad they’re killed and watch as their bodies are bagged. They’ve left this mortal coil and are now Ghost detectives. Aided by a homeless Vietnam vet and a fortuneteller they find themselves solving crimes in a world they thought they left behind.

Rye and Claire Adventure Series

Rye and Claire grew up in Oregon’s Rogue Valley where they started their own business, Rogue Rescue and Ambulance service. But after 15 years they’ve discovered that helping people can be risky, comes with a price, and is rarely done by the books. Join them as they answer the call from the Cascades to the Pacific racing headlong into their next adventure.

"M" Mystery Series

Dungeness Bay Oregon is the home for “M”.  By day she operates a Karate school by night she’s a Private Investigator. Whether she finds her name written on a wall in blood or is discovering radioactive waste 30 miles off the San Francisco coast, she can handle it. Can you? Join “M” in her next exciting case.