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Joanna Bright Dungeness Bay Mysteries

A New Cozy Mystery Series by Kit Crumb

Joanna Bright truly doesn’t go looking for trouble, but it somehow keeps finding her. In this acclaimed “cozy mystery” series, the 50-something,
Tai Chi practicing, California transplant to Dungeness Bay, Oregon faces one deadly situation after another. All she really wants is to go about her quiet, unassuming life. Yet, circumstances keep forcing her to put her unusual puzzle-solving skills to work to navigate the betrayers, deceivers, and yes, killers.


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In STORM FRONT, the first book in the Joanna Bright Dungeness Bay Mysteries, recently widowed Joanna Bright answers an ad seeking a caretaker for a small century-old Chinese apothecary museum. When she decides to accept the intriguing position, hoping for a fresh start in the tiny coastal town, she has no inkling of how dangerously interesting her life is about to become. On her first day in Oregon Joanna meets an enigmatic taxi driver, is adopted by a service dog, finds a dead body, and is accused of murder.

3d Double Exposure cover.png

Life is never dull for professional photographer and Tai Chi teacher Joanna Bright. In the same week that she’s commissioned to shoot a series of beach scapes for an anonymous collector, Bud, the troubled young man she’s taken under her wing is accused of murdering his friend and employer, the owner of Dungeness Bay’s only gas station. As she develops the time-lapse photos, to her shock, one of them clearly shows the accidental image of a wetsuited person pulling a body into the surf.

JB Misty Dawn mockup.png

There’s a secret in the waters off Dungeness Bay. Greed and danger are afoot as Joanna helps a young boy caught between loyalty to his father and threats to his family and the friends he holds dear.

As the Misty Dawn, a steel-hulled fishing boat, is newly retrofitted for commercial diving, Captain Adam Benoit is excited to venture back into the salvage diving business and a fresh start with his young son, John. How can it miss? Marine salvage is a lucrative service that is sorely needed in the challenging waters off the Oregon coast.

JB death in Dark Mockup.png

Joanna Bright enjoys her leisurely mornings gazing out over the Pacific Ocean from her deck on China Bluff. When she sees a lifeboat adrift with what appears to be an unconscious woman slumped over the side of the boat, she rushes to call the sheriff, who promises to let her know what he discovers.
Meanwhile, Joanna has been asked to invite Dungeness Bay’s oldest resident, Dagmar Wolf, to receive the coveted Citizen of the Year award. But the eccentric 96-year-old, who lives on her sailboat boat the little Tramp, adamantly refuses.


Kit has created a unique and lovable cast of characters in the Joanna Bright Dungeness Bay Mysteries. Storm Front was a fast read and I look forward to

Joanna's further adventures on the Oregon Coast!

Katie Dunn / Brookings, Oregon

 Body Parts is a fast read and well-crafted thriller. I enjoyed it!
Happy to find this series. (Rye & Claire)

Terry Minchon, Redding, California

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